Care Instructions

Polymer clay is light, please treat gently and with care, it may break easily if mistreated.

Store your earrings in a dust-free space, out of direct sunlight and heat, ideally in a storage container.

Avoid dropping or knocking your earrings, polymer clay is quite durable, but not scratch resistant or unbreakable.

Do not leave your earrings loose in your handbag especially alongside coins or keys.

If your earrings need a little clean use a damp cloth or a cotton bud with a small amount of surgical spirits (if necessary) and gently wipe your earrings. This will remove any dust or makeup residue.

Do not use nail polish remover, acetone or cleaning products on your earrings.

Do not swim or shower whilst while wearing your earrings.

Make sure to keep them away from chemicals and do not spray perfumes near or on your earrings.

​All jewellery components that are plated or painted such as silver, rose gold, brass, black and coloured may tarnish over time, this happens to all metals. You can clean by polishing with a jewellery cloth. 

For safety, please do not allow children to play with, wear or chew on your polymer clay jewellery.